Hi, I’m Carl and Welcome to The Wright Pack!
The Wright Pack has started from having two passions, one being our pack of rescue dogs and two photography.
Our first dog was our adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Fizzy in 2003. We adopted her from an retired couple in Sleaford at 13 weeks. She was a fantastic dog, she welcomed our two children into world with us and then after 7 years of being the only dog, she welcomed a further 6 dogs over 3 years  (2012-15)…..what some would call a little crazy!!!!

However, this all came about from my Wife starting to volunteer at a local dog rescue. Through those 3 years we welcomed Blue Bullseye (Retired Greyhound), Lea (Romanian Street Dog, Collie Cross), Anna (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Jaffa & Petal (Mother & Daughter Chihuahua Cross / Yorkie) and Emily ( Whippet Cross).

Sadly in 2017 we lost our dear Fizzy, it was heart breaking. She wasn’t just a dog to us, she was part of the family. She’d been there through every moment of the children growing up, adding more dogs to the home and she’d taken it all in her stride. Through those sad moments, we also shared many a smile, thinking of the times we’d had together and my passion of photography had enabled me to capture some wonderful moments with her.

We’ll continue to share moments of our pack via social media and our web page, showing the joy they bring to our lives. If you would like a photography session for your dog, please feel free to look at our services page and reach out to me.

All the best
Carl & The Wright Pack
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